31 December 2019


Teaching with Technology

All my courses incorporate significant utilization of technology, and I have pedagogical and practical training in teaching online. I am eager to expand my digital engagement with students and apply what I know about teaching with technology on a larger scale.

28 December 2019


Anthropological Society at IUSB

I am the Faculty Advisor for the Anthropological Society at IUSB (ASOC), an academic student organization, a role I took on during AY 2018-2019. The students have organized bi-monthly meetings in which they discuss anthropological news and research, play games, and more. Other recent activities include community education with school-aged

24 December 2019


Pedagogical Training

I am an active participant in communities focused on teaching and learning at any campus of which I am a part, as well as across broader networks. Below are some of the long-term programs to which I have contributed, in addition to single-session programs. Indiana University South Bend’s University

21 December 2019


Diversity, Inclusion, and Accessibility

As scholars, we might undertake some aspects of research on our own, but meaningful knowledge creation and the application of research through teaching and public engagement are collaborative efforts and benefit from input from many different types of people.

20 December 2019


Gender and Development

This course examines gendered patterns in global inequality with special attention to recognizing women’s voices, agency, and differences, in the context of larger structures of power.