Food Studies

Food Studies

20 November 2019

Tamil Nadu

Country Chicken, Globalization, and Discourse

In this article, I draw on Foucauldian concepts of knowledge, discourse, and power to explore comparisons Tamils in Madurai provided for valuing country chicken over broiler chicken, and the extent to which these comparisons level critiques against globalization.

23 May 2019


Searching for the Center Podcast

I am often asked to speak on topics related to my research for wide general audiences. In 2019, one of my former students interviewed me with his co-host for their podcast, Searching for the Center.

14 December 2018


Food and Culture

Food and Culture offers students a way to explore in-depth an area of anthropology that is growing in popularity but has been a part of the field since its inception.

01 October 2018

Tamil Nadu

Our Drama, Our Food

Susan Seizer and I co-authored a paper using our two specialty foci to discuss the socio-linguistic significance of the inclusive "we" and "our" in Tamil culture.