31 December 2019


Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL)

I am currently conducting SoTL research based on data I collected in my Culture & Society courses during AY 2018-2019. This IRB-approved study focuses on the mechanisms through which students come to challenge their ethnocentrism and internalize cultural relativism.

20 December 2019


Gender and Development

This course examines gendered patterns in global inequality with special attention to recognizing women’s voices, agency, and differences, in the context of larger structures of power.

13 December 2019


Culture and Society

This course is an introduction to Socio-Cultural Anthropology that reflects the value of a four-field approach to American Anthropology, while emphasizing the confluence of the Social Sciences and the Humanities in the Socio-Cultural tradition.

03 May 2019


Environmental Anthropology

In the course, we discussed the principal theories and methods environmental anthropology utilizes and the issues on which it focuses, by looking at case studies from South Asia and the Midwestern US.

14 December 2018


Food and Culture

Food and Culture offers students a way to explore in-depth an area of anthropology that is growing in popularity but has been a part of the field since its inception.