Madeline Chera (Page 2)

Madeline Chera (Page 2)

21 December 2019


Diversity, Inclusion, and Accessibility

As scholars, we might undertake some aspects of research on our own, but meaningful knowledge creation and the application of research through teaching and public engagement are collaborative efforts and benefit from input from many different types of people.

20 December 2019


Gender and Development

This course examines gendered patterns in global inequality with special attention to recognizing women’s voices, agency, and differences, in the context of larger structures of power.

15 December 2019


Community Engaged Teaching and Learning

Community engagement has been a key part of my education, and in my work as an educator, I continue the commitment to rooting my teaching in the local community, making sure it is relevant and creates an impact.

13 December 2019


Culture and Society

This course is an introduction to Socio-Cultural Anthropology that reflects the value of a four-field approach to American Anthropology, while emphasizing the confluence of the Social Sciences and the Humanities in the Socio-Cultural tradition.

09 December 2019


Party with a Purpose

In Fall 2019, I taught a course about Gender and Development, in which we welcomed a guest speaker from a locally based non-profit focused on development, Malawi Matters.