Anthropological Society of IUSB

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I am the Faculty Advisor for this student organization during AY2018-19. The students have organized regular meetings in which they discuss anthropological news and research, play games, and more. Other recent activities include a trip to the Field Museum in Chicago and community education with school-aged children at the annual Science Alive event in downtown South Bend. I work with the students to maximize their reach on- and off-campus, develop their leadership and communication skills, and organize activities.

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As part of the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences (CLAS) Campus & Community initiative, IUSB Anthropology faculty and student ambassadors have created a program to bring accessible capsule lessons on each of the four sub-fields of the anthropology (archaeology, and biological, cultural, and linguistic anthropology) into area high schools. This project is supported by CLAS grant funding.

Earth Eats

Earth Eats

My colleague Leigh Bush and I collaborated with current and former Earth Eats hosts and production staff to conduct interviews with Food Studies scholars and other food experts as guest segments. This NPR show is based at WFIU in Bloomington, IN.

Date Episode Interview with
July 2018 “Collecting Yeast, Making Cider” Matthew Bochman
June 2018 “Quantifying Flavor: What Data Networks Can (And Can’t) Tell Us About How We Eat” Yong-Yeol Ahn
March 2017 “On Eating Disorders” Katy Kopp-Miller
March 2017 “‘And Suddenly No One Was Talking About Food’” Georgina Ramsay
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