The holistic discipline of anthropology and my wide-ranging interests have led me to pursue a variety of projects throughout my career as a researcher, educator, and communicator.

These are some of the other roles I have had in Higher Education, beyond teaching:

Campus Writing Program, Indiana University Bloomington
Graduate Writing Groups Facilitator and Writing Tutor, AY2017-2018

I facilitated two weekly graduate writing groups (8-10 students each), developing new course materials and managing and supporting student participants. I also tutored undergraduate and graduate students.

Department of Anthropology, Indiana University Bloomington
Research Assistant, AY2017-2018

I helped a faculty member prepare a book manuscript and courses, submit a promotion dossier, apply for a large grant, and host a renowned guest speaker.

IU Food Institute, Indiana University Bloomington
Graduate Fellow, AY2016-2017

I worked with a colleague to create programming and build brand identity for the newly-established IU Food Institute. I kept institutional records, and developed a speaker series, the membership, and outreach.

I have also worked in non-profit organizations, focused on food, education, agriculture, and heritage conservation. My responsibilities have included: program management, grant-writing, membership communications, and coordinating special events. Some of the organizations I have worked with are the Triskeles Foundation, Greener Partners, Radnor Conservancy, Friends of the Willows Cottage, and The Farm Trust.

This work is echoed in my contributions to civic organizations like Bloomington Food Policy Council, the Philadelphia chapter of Slow Food International, where I was responsible for committee work, reporting, research, and planning and coordination of special events.

Throughout these roles and in my teaching and research, I have developed proficiency in software, including those related to office tasks, Learning Management Systems, email marketing, social media, digital design, citation management, higher education administration, and qualitative data analysis. I also have basic training in creative design software, geographic information systems, and statistical packages.

Portfolio, resume, and references available upon request.